Mystery Grab Bag #8


Ships from and sold by Leona Moore Jewelry LLC.

  • Mystery Grab Bag
  • Loose, Broken, or Missing Pieces of Jewelry
  • Great for Making or Fixing Jewelry, or Crafting Projects
  • From Overflow Inventory of Spare Jewelry and Craft Parts
  • NO Precious Metals, or Precious Stones were Purposely Placed in this Bag
  • Not Everything is Visible Through the Pictures Posted, thus the name “Mystery Grab Bag”

*Note: please read entire description below….

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*Note: Please read entire description, cause there are no returns or refunds on these bags. The contents may or may not contain everything on this list. No guarantees.

*Caution: Please be careful when handling the contents. It may contain broken parts, metals, pins, and small parts, etc.

This bag may contain: (but not guaranteed)

  • Broken jewelry pieces, broken or whole necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, etc..
  • Missing jewelry pieces
  • Beads, metal and plastic
  • Metal and plastic findings, and chains
  • Metal and plastic pendants
  • Metal and plastic buttons, and little figures
  • Key chains
  • Watches, (whole or broken)

This bag is meant for the jewelry makers, fixers, project-crafters, and embellishers

NO precious metals or precious stones were purposely place in this bag


Statement from Leona Moore:

“I have so many single and broken items intended for projects, crafts, and embellishments that my stock location is overflowing and running out of room, and I need to sell some of it. I, too, have bought many mystery grab bags through years and years. I used pieces to fix, repair, or make my own jewelry, and also used some pieces to make crafts, like bookmarks. I’ve even used them for embellishments, like hats, scarves, purses, clothing, holiday decor and gifts!

I know a lot of you have done the same, or even more inventive creations. There are so many options to do with these pieces, and I would love to see what you can do with these pieces. Please feel free to share your pictures to my website.

Thank you and happy hunting ;)”


Item model number: mgb-000008

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